Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

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Students across the district participated in a variety of activities to honor and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. At Caroline G. Atkinson school, students showcased their talents by dancing to songs including “Señor Don Gato” and “La Bamba,” and performing “Bailando Con Las Estrellas.” Students sang “Mi Tierra,” and read a poem entitled, “My Dream.” The sixth-grade dual-language students also danced to a Latin dance mix.

Columbus Avenue students participated in the festivities as well, where students sang and danced to songs as part of the Hispanic heritage celebration. 

At Freeport High School, art class students had the opportunity to videoconference with the Cleveland Museum of Art, where students were introduced to artwork of selected cultures in ancient Mesoamerica. Students viewed objects of ceramic, gold, stone and jade that shed light on religion and rulership among the Aztec, Maya, and other cultures in the centuries before European contact.