Space Explorer Visits High School

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The district was honored to welcome Dr. Greg Olsen, American entrepreneur, scientist and space explorer, to the high school on Nov. 8. Dr. Olsen spoke with students and shared his experiences as the third private citizen who made a trip to the International Space Station. 

Dr. Olsen trained for a year and a half prior to going into space and conducted several experiments in remote sensing and astronomy while aboard the space station. Dr. Olsen shared his incredible experience with students through photos and videos of his time aboard the space station. With that, Dr. Olsen also expressed his struggles when he was a student, and urged students to keep pushing forward, never give up on their dreams, and attributed everything he is today to his interest in pursuing science and math and never giving up.

“We are honored Dr. Greg Olsen came here to share his experiences with our students,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham said. “Dr. Olsen spoke passionately about his journey from space to entrepreneurship. Bringing these amazing opportunities to our students is really critical. I hope our students were inspired by Dr. Olsen to continue to pursue science and math and to never give up.” 

The program ended with an engaging question and answer session between Dr. Olsen and Freeport students.