TRI-M Honors Society inducts 24 new members

Freeport High School hosted the second TRI-M Honors Society Induction on Feb. 7, where Chapter 7760 adviser Mrs. Jill Boardman welcomed 24 new members along with 20 second-year students. The officers were inducted by Mr. Michael LaSorsa and Mrs. Monique Retzlaff. Officers include Gabriel Alvarado, president; Tiffany Tavares, vice president; Lesly-Hannah Gutierrez, treasurer; Leah Hochman, secretary; Hailey Brown, librarian; and Mayralee Martinez, historian. 

Every member was presented with a certificate and a medal for several accomplishments, including achieving a minimum NYSSMA score of 93 level five, maintaining an 85 or higher academic GPA, and proving constant service to the music department. Each installed officer shared moments orchestrating parts of the ceremony, since the society is designed to be mostly student-driven.

Highlights of the evening included members reading their individual responses to an excerpt titled “Who Inspires Them to Make Music?” The entire membership then joined in performing the national TRI-M Song, where choral and instrumental musicians combined successfully under the direction of the society's newly inducted secretary, Leah Hochman. Following the singalong, all in attendance were invited to a private reception, where homemade goodies were donated by Mrs. Melissa Fuentes, Mrs. Ruth Breidenbach and the Music Parents Organization.