Author Revealed for #Freeportreads

Author Revealed for #Freeportreads photo

Elephant and Piggie, the stars of Freeport School District’s #Freeportreads initiative, returned to the District to reveal daily clues to students about this year’s author. The schools participating in the exciting initiative are Archer Street Elementary School, Bayview Avenue School, Leo F. Giblyn Elementary School, New Visions School, Columbus Avenue School, and Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School.

Building administrators teamed up with Elephant and Piggie to have students research book titles and popular authors each day. Each building hosted an author reveal assembly, where students got to watch Elephant and Piggie open a giant box to reveal the author's name. 

As many students guessed Kevin Henkes as the surprise author, they were excited to find out that they were correct. Digital read-alouds of Henkes books started this month and can be found on the #Freeportreads website.