A Walk Through African-American History

A Walk Through African-American History photo

Bayview Avenue School of hosted its first Black History Museum, where kindergarten to fourth-grade students went on an African-American history quest and participated in hands-on activities with items on display. 

To kick off the educational journey, students were taken on a path that started on the second floor of the building and then led to the museum on the first floor. With that, students took a walk through African-American history following the facts posted along the wall on footprints. With their Chromebooks in hand, students scanned the QR codes on each footprint, where further information popped up on their screens. 

When students arrived at the museum, they rotated to eight different stations that presented a question for students to answer regarding an influential African-American figure. This included Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and more.

Also set up were poster boards with information on a specific African-American inventor, such as Garrett Morgan, George Franklin Grant, Jan Matzeliger and Madam C. J. Walker. With some poster boards, students were challenged to put together a puzzle that would reveal the individual’s respective invention.

Other interactive activities included the memory game, domino games, riddles and more. In addition, students also viewed traditional Nigerian hand-woven clothing and accessories that were on display throughout the room.

The colossal museum was put together by several Bayview staff members, with the goal to teach students about African-American history in a fun and interactive way.