Students Dive into Hispanic Cuisine

Students Dive into Hispanic Cuisine photo thumbnail136324

New Visions School hosted a fiesta for Hispanic Heritage month, where staff and fourth grade students in Ms. Tiffany Grimes and Ms. Dianna Lanzetta’s class brought in a variety of Hispanic dishes to sample. 

Student’s devoured a variety of savory dishes which included empanadas, carnitas, rice and beans, tacos, salsa, guacamole with cheese and tortilla chips, tres leches, flan and more. 

This was the culminating event following several activities that took place throughout the month in honor of Hispanic Heritage. Each week, the school highlighted different countries, including Mexico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Honduras. Various Latin American artifacts, artwork, music, food and other cultural aspects were showcased in the lobby. This included the countries’ flag, images that displayed specific cultural themes, celebrated citizens and famous dishes.