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Giblyn Students Crack Codes

Giblyn Students Crack Codes photo
Fourth-grade dual language students at Giblyn participated in an “Escape the Classroom” workshop as a culminating activity to their mathematics unit on area and perimeter.

As part of the workshop, students were tasked with working together to complete challenges and solve a variety of problems in order to defeat the fictitious Macho Man supervillain, discover the code to open a key chest and ultimately escape the cafeteria. The activity was a fun and educational way for students to apply their classroom math lessons and accomplish a particular goal.

FHS senior Sebastian Mauras honored at second annual youth leadership event

FHS senior Sebastian Mauras honored at second annual youth leadership event photo
Assemblyman Brian Curran praised Freeport High School senior Sebastian Mauras for his academic success, athletic abilities and his selfless acts of kindness toward others during the assemblyman’s second annual Youth Leadership event.

Captain of the high school wrestling team, and the recipient of the Most Outstanding Wrestler honor, Mauras also serves as a role model and mentor working with younger wrestlers at Dodd Middle School providing advice and motivation. 

Upon graduation, Mauras has decided to join the U.S. Marines, where he will serve his country and add to his family’s sense of pride. 

New Visions Learns About Health, Hygiene and Social Harmony

New Visions Learns About Health, Hygiene and Social Harmony photo
New Visions Learns About Health, Hygiene and Social Harmony photo 2
New Visions Learns About Health, Hygiene and Social Harmony photo 3
New Visions Learns About Health, Hygiene and Social Harmony photo 4

Students at New Visions learned about a variety of topics focusing on self-awareness and improvement during a health fair led by senior nursing students from Molloy College.

The fair was comprised of several learning stations that the elementary students rotated through in 15-minute intervals. Topics included healthy eating, dental hygiene, socialization and antibullying, street safety, sleep, personal hygiene and internet safety. At each station, students participated in question-and-answer sessions and played interactive games to complement their takeaways not only from the discussion, but from what they learn daily in the classroom.


Columbus Paints Puzzle Pieces

Columbus Paints Puzzle Pieces photo
As part of their observance of Autism Awareness Month in April, students at Columbus Avenue painted jigsaw puzzle pieces and glued them to ribbons.

The ribbons featuring the puzzle pieces, a national symbol for autism awareness, will be sold and the funds raised will be donated to the Nassau Suffolk Autism Society of America. The activity provided students with an opportunity to continue developing their art skills and was aligned with Columbus’ ongoing commitment to altruism.

Change of Date: Board of Education Annual Budget – Public Hearing/Planning Meeting


Band Brilliance

Band Brilliance photo
Five extraordinary student-musicians from the high school were selected to be a part of the Tilles Center Festival Band and participate in the 14th annual Long Island University Band Festival at Tilles Center on April 13.

Under the direction of Michael LaSorsa, the selected students — Kevin Brown, Joseph LaRocca, Katherine Leon, Heaven Jenkins and Elijah Zelaya — joined an ensemble comprised of the LIU Post Wind Symphony and student-musicians and their directors from high schools across the New York metropolitan area.

Together, the Tilles Center Festival Band rehearsed and performed four pieces under the batons of LIU Post Director of Wind Studies Dr. James McRoy and 2018 Composer-in-Residence Mark Camphouse.

The district extends its congratulations to these talented students for their musical excellence.

(Kevin Brown not pictured as he was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict)

School Board President Receives Prestigious Education Partner Award

School Board President Receives Prestigious Education Partner Award photo
District Board of Education President Mr. Michael Pomerico received the Nassau BOCES 2018 Education Partner Award on April 11 for his outstanding contributions to public education in Nassau County. He was one of 15 individuals who were honored at the 12th annual Nassau BOCES Education Partner Awards Gala.

Mr. Pomerico has served on the Freeport Public School District Board of Education for the past 10 years, and as president for the past four years. During this time and under his leadership, the district has submitted resolutions to the New York State School Board Association to advocate for appropriate funding to meet the varied needs of its English language learners and to raise the limit on unrestricted fund balance. He has also consistently advocated for Freeport and public education among local representatives, as well as legislators at the state level. Mr. Pomerico has called for fair, timely and equitable funding through state aid, and discussed issues including increased costs to public education, numerous unfunded mandates pertaining to special education, unaccompanied minors and the tax levy cap. He has ensured that he is up to date with the latest information and issues impacting public education, and routinely presents advocacy information to the public regarding pending regulations, trends and concerns. Mr. Pomerico also works closely with the PTA Council and the building PTAs so that they are able to share information as well.

Under his leadership, the board has been active members of the Reform Education Financing Inequities Today and the New York State School Boards Association legislative committee. The district has also been able to expand the number of advanced placement and dual enrollment classes it offers, in addition to increasing its graduation rate to record highs under his leadership.

The district extends its congratulations and appreciation to Mr. Michael Pomerico for his remarkable contributions to public education, especially to Freeport Public Schools and for being recognized with the Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award.

Parent Letter Re: Testing


Poetic Lessons at Archer

Poetic Lessons at Archer photo
Poetic Lessons at Archer photo 2
Students at Archer Street received a special visit from award-winning author Douglas Florian, who conducted presentations and signings of his book, “Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars.”

As part of the interactive events, students learned about various elements of poetry, including alliteration, rhyme, rhythm and onomatopoeia. The visit was a fun and educational supplement to students’ classroom lessons in English language arts.

FHS Students Talk Science at Rockefeller University

Click here to watch the video

Freeport ARRIS Project

St. Jude Math-A-Thon at Bayview

March Points of Pride


FHS Inducts 47 in First Tri-M Music Honor Society Induction Ceremony

FHS Inducts 47 in First Tri-M Music Honor Society Induction Ceremony photo
FHS Inducts 47 in First Tri-M Music Honor Society Induction Ceremony photo 2
The high school inducted 47 outstanding student-musicians to its first Tri-M (Modern Music Masters) Music Honor Society on March 27.

Led by Chapter 7760 adviser Jill Boardman, the students received medals to commemorate their excellence in music and exceptional demonstration of the tenets of scholarship, character, leadership and service. The students inducted ranged from sophomores to seniors in the concentrations of Select Chorale, Sinfonietta and Wind Ensemble, and the six officers inducted were Marcus Brodsky, president; Myles Carter, vice president; Heaven Jenkins, treasurer; Marty Scott, secretary; Elijah Zelaya, librarian; and Michael Desir, historian. Each of the inductees briefly spoke about the impact of music in their lives in the form of the assertion, “What music means to me” prior to receiving their medal.

“You all are extraordinarily talented,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham. “I know you talked about the three ‘M’s’, but the three ‘M’s’ that I think of are modest, majestic and magnificent because that’s what all of you are. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the finest and a most amazing music department.”

Archer’s Animal Altruism

Archer’s Animal Altruism photo
Students in the Enrichment for Leaders program at Archer Street conducted a pet drive designed to benefit local animal shelters. As part of their efforts, students created posters to promote the drive and made morning announcements to encourage donations, such as food, treats, toys and collars. The drive was a testament to the character education taught at Archer and the latest example of its continuous altruism.

Teacher and Students Earn Invitation to Science Symposium

Teacher and Students Earn Invitation to Science Symposium photo
High school earth science teacher Elodie Bourbon and five of her students have earned the unique opportunity to attend the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region Student Research Symposium in Buffalo, New York, on May 4-5. The trip will be fully funded by the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment program.

In order to receive a grant from the Freeport Educational Foundation in December 2017, Bourbon and her students studied the relationship between the surface temperature and the snow on the ground around Freeport High School. The students then sent their data to scientists who are involved in the GLOBE program, and also participated in a webinar with GLOBE program director and University of Toledo professor Kevin Czajkowski.

The students who may be joining Bourbon on the trip to the symposium, where they will present their results, are juniors Kateryn Diaz Valladares, Reina Jimenez Mendez, Jose Maldonado Velasquez, Fernando Hernandez-Cruz and Wilmer Ajiataz Barrios.

The high school’s science department extends its appreciation to the Freeport Educational Foundation for laying the groundwork to make this opportunity possible.

District Makes Live Contact With Astronaut Scott Tingle Aboard the ISS

District Makes Live Contact With Astronaut Scott Tingle Aboard the ISS photo

Freeport became one of only 13 districts nationwide and the only one in Nassau County to provide its students with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak directly to an astronaut in space. Following a rigorous selection process by NASA, the district was chosen to make contact through ARISS, the Amateur Radio International Space Station, program.

The Performing Arts Center of the high school, which was transformed into a galaxy of astronomical proportions, was filled with the board of education, administrators, teachers, local elected officials and students eagerly anticipating this unique event. The district prepared for months to be ready for the remarkable opportunity to ask questions of astronaut Scott D. Tingle aboard the International Space Station, which was nearly 250 miles away from Earth and traveling at approximately 17,500 miles per hour.

“When I think about the excitement, curiosity, deep thinking and critical questioning our students have been doing in preparation for this event, I am invigorated,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham. “We have been busily preparing for this awe-inspiring occasion, to provide you [students] with amazing and unforgettable experiences, to provide you with the tools to explore the outer world as well as the inner world, and to inspire you to be all that you can be: explorers, innovators, creators. I can’t wait to see where our next steps will take us.”

With excitement and momentum building, all district students participated in Discovery Days and research projects on space exploration and the International Space Station in order to prepare for this amazing event. Students submitted research-based essays and questions for astronaut Tingle. Ten students were selected from these essays from elementary school through high school to ask their questions.

The students who had been selected to ask astronaut Tingle their questions were Jonavan Figueroa from Archer Street; Johan Romero from Bayview Avenue; Sarah Boco and Giovanni Crisanti from Atkinson; Lesley Fernandez and Adisa Johnson from the high school; Jayden Easy and Brenna Igneri from Dodd; Gabriela Aleman from Giblyn and Ava Smith from New Visions.

The program was comprised of a variety of informative segments including the history of the Freeport Science Astronomy program by Director of Science Dr. Vincent Pereira, who was instrumental in bringing the ARISS program to Freeport, a Discovery Days video, and student essays. Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club Vice President Craig Ross presented information on “The Role of the Amateur Radio Operator.”

In conjunction with the amateur radio telebridge network with a ground operator in Italy, contact was made for about 10 minutes with astronaut Tingle as the ISS moved rapidly over the area. Students were fortunate to be able to ask almost 20 questions including the impact of space on immune systems to challenges faced by the astronauts during spacewalks. Astronaut Tingle was impressed with the thoughtful questions and provided detailed answers. It was a thrilling time for everyone in the audience and an experience they will not forget.

“This is close to my dream, I hope to go into things like theoretical physics,” said Adisa Johnson, who asked Tingle about how often the ISS must readjust its trajectory to stay in orbit. “Science [is one of] my favorite subjects hands down, so this is a big deal for me.”

“I’ve always had some love for astronomy and space, so I really put my effort into writing my essay and thinking of the question,” said Jonavan Figueroa, who asked astronaut Tingle what the typical duties of an astronaut are on his/her first day in space. “Having the chance to actually speak to someone on the International Space Station is just really amazing to me.”

The once-in-a-lifetime event is a testament to the district’s commitment to ensuring its students are provided with a sound STEM education and world-class learning opportunities, and stands as a momentous occasion that students will remember forever. Before contact was lost, astronaut Tingle stated he would see the students when he returned to Earth. The district hopes it will be able to meet him in person in the future.


Service worthy of recognition

Service worthy of recognition photo

SCOPE Education Services recognized more than 100 members of the various educational communities across Long Island, who significantly contributed to the field of education and to the school districts they are affiliated with during the SCOPE 17th Annual School District Awards Dinner.

Recognized for their outstanding dedication and contribution to the Freeport School District were Board of Education Vice President Anthony Miller, who received the School Board Service Award; Maria Jordan-Awalom, recipient of the Community Service Award; Michael LaSorsa, recipient of the Teacher Service Award; Lamar Henson and Doug Martines, recognized with the Support Staff Service Award and Renee Crump-Dedmon, who received the Administrator Service Award. 

SCOPE executive director George Duffy and members of SCOPE’s Board of Directors presented the evening’s honored guests with personalized commemorative plaques. He congratulated each worthy recipient and acknowledged them for their dedication and commitment. 

Freeport Public Schools congratulates all the recipients of this year’s awards.


Magnificent Musical

Magnificent Musical photo
Magnificent Musical photo 2
Magnificent Musical photo 3
High school students and staff presented their remarkable rendition of the Broadway musical, “The Pajama Game” under the direction of Geraldine LaPenne. Based on the novel, “7 1/2 Cents” by Richard Bissell, the play highlighted the talents of leading cast members — including Hailey Brown as Catherine “Babe” Williams, Gabriel Alvarado as Sid Sorokin, Michael Desir as Vernon Hines, Maya Brown as Gladys Hotchkiss and Myles Carter as Myron Hasler — as well as those working behind the scenes to ensure the presentation of remarkable performances.

Talking with an Astronaut LIVE. IT’S A BLAST!

Talking with an Astronaut Pic
Talking with an Astronaut Pic 2
Talking with an Astronaut Pic 3
Talking with an Astronaut Pic 4
Talking with an Astronaut Pic 5
Talking with an Astronaut Pic 6

Parent University on School Safety and Security

Parent University on School Safety and Security photo
Parent University on School Safety and Security photo 2
Parent University on School Safety and Security photo 3
More than 100 Freeport parents and community residents attended a parent university on school safety and security held prior to the district’s board of education meeting. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, who facilitated the meeting, was joined on the panel by the board of education, administrators and Freeport Village Police Chief Miguel Bermudez.

“Thank you for being here this evening to have a conversation about the health and safety in our schools and the partnership Freeport Public Schools has with the Village of Freeport Police Department,” said Dr. Kuncham. 

The safety and security of students, staff and visitors has always been the number one priority of the board of education and administration. The district’s security plans and protocols are regularly reviewed and updated as needed. While the specific details of the district’s security plans must remain confidential to maximize their effectiveness in the event of an emergency, an overview of the plans was provided. 

There is a districtwide health and safety committee in addition to the ones at each school. By law, the district must provide their safety plan to the State Education Department for review and approval and the plan must be updated annually. The district is required to hold a minimum of 12 drills including eight fire drills and four lockdown drills. The district currently has 32 security aides and more than 400 strategically located surveillance cameras that monitor both internal and external activity and monitoring stations. The district also has an agreement with the Village of Freeport Police and the Nassau County Police Department enabling them to gain immediate access to the district’s security cameras in real time, in the event of an emergency. Should a school lockdown be needed, it can be activated by the push of a button and it will also activate notification to the police. 

Police chief Miguel Bermudez shared that the Freeport Village Police and the Freeport Public Schools have always had a strong partnership and a shared 

Students Talk with an Astronaut LIVE

Click here to watch the video

ARRIS Project Video

Additional Coverage of the event: *this also ran on the Connecticut, Bronx and Brooklyn News 12 affiliates


Archer Hosts Career Day

Archer Hosts Career Day photo
Archer Hosts Career Day photo 2
Archer Hosts Career Day photo 3
Students at Archer received special visits from a variety of guest speakers as part of Career Day.

Groups and professionals across several different fields, including medicine, animal care, law enforcement and culinary arts, spoke to the students about their respective careers and the education and training required to be successful. Students asked questions of the visitors, and were encouraged to continue working hard and maximizing their potential.

Dodd’s Amazing ‘Odyssey’

Dodd’s Amazing ‘Odyssey’ photo
Dodd math teachers Melissa Carruthers and Annette Jones led their students through impressive performances in the Odyssey of the Mind regional competition. Carruthers’ team searched the galaxy and performed exceptionally at the Hubble Hangout, earning first place, while Jones’ team earned second place for their outstanding mockumentary of Peter Pan. Both teams will be competing at the state competition in Binghamton, New York.

The district congratulates all students and their teachers on their teamwork and skills in the competition.

District’s Award-Winning DECA Team

District’s Award-Winning DECA Team photo
Under the leadership of business and marketing teacher Nela Hawthorne, several students from the high school placed at the New York Distributive Education Clubs of America 58th annual State Career Conference held in Rochester.

DECA is an international association of high school and college students and teachers of management and entrepreneurship, business, finance, hospitality, and marketing sales and service. At the competition, various contests are held that allow students to showcase their knowledge and skills in several specialized areas of business study. DECA develops leaders for careers in these specialized areas.

The students who placed are: Michael Desir and Jordyn Smith, first place in Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making; Dillion Finch and Jaidiver Morales, second place in Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making; Jhon Sandoval and Sadiki Skeete, second place in Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making; Kevin Guerrero-Calderon, top 10 overall in Principles of Business Management and Adminisration; and Marcus Grizzell, top 10 overall in Principles of Finance. In addition, Hawthorne received an Outstanding Service Award for her dedication as the Freeport High School DECA team adviser.

The team will next go on to the International DECA Career Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, April 20-25, 2018.

International Space Station Event Stream

Click here to view the Stream

FHS Varsity Cheerleaders know how to win

FHS Varsity Cheerleaders know how to win photo

The Board of Education proudly recognized the Freeport High School varsity cheerleaders for their outstanding winning competition season.

For the first time in the program’s history, with a lead of seven points, the team placed first at the Nassau County Championships in the Small Varsity D1 Division to qualify for the New York State Championships in Syracuse. The team went on to place fifth at the New York State Public High School Athletic Association State Championships in the Small Varsity D1 Division. They continued to outperform the competition and reached the semifinals at the Universal Cheerleaders Association National Championship, for the first time in the program’s history, missing out on moving on to the finals by just .7 percent. “This team is very special because despite many injuries, they did nothing but win this season,” said head coach, Laurie Kolodny. “It was an honor to reach the national semifinals for the first time in Freeport history.”  

In addition to cheering at football and basketball games as well as their rigorous training and competition schedule, the team also participated in many community service events throughout Freeport and Long Island including the NCC Breast Cancer Walk, Dollars for Scholars Walk and Nassau County’s NICE Team.   

The district congratulates the following team members including captains Erin Dean, Katherine Leon, Mary Mileo, Emily Peralta and Tamiah Simpson and team members Janaiyah Arce, Selin Bektas, Dashna Cadet, Lauryn Edionwe, Elizabeth Hastings, Daniela Hernandez, Leonela Herrera, Genevieve Himmelberg and Raemona Parker. The team’s outstanding coaching staff includes head coach Laurie Kolodny, assistant coaches Erica Groover and Chrissy Prisco, and trainer/ choreographer, Makira Samlal.


District Receives More than $30K from FEF

 District Receives More than $30K from FEF photo
 District Receives More than $30K from FEF photo 2
The district extends its appreciation to the Freeport Educational Foundation, which presented the district with a check for $27,855 at the board of education’s February meeting — an amount which has since increased by $3,000 due to the increase in scholarships to students.

The funds, made possible through the ongoing tireless fundraising efforts of FEF President Butch Yamali and the board of directors, will be used to continue providing students with innovative educational opportunities. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham and Board of Education President Michael Pomerico expressed their gratitude to the FEF, whose mission is to help transform the lives of Freeport students. These students include seniors at the high school, who this year will benefit from 10 FEF $500 scholarships following the award of a variety of innovative grants that were applied for by teachers in all of the district’s schools.

These grants include: READERSIZE Bikes — portable bike exercisers to help students focus while reading — at Archer Street; Discover — providing students with a discovery-based learning environment to ultimately enhance their library experience and strengthen their skills in science — at Bayview Avenue; LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 — using LEGOs to explore creative solutions to science or engineering problems — at Atkinson; Coding Club — using coding to develop technology skills and using the E-Doc program to integrate 21st century skills — at Atkinson; Sonic Highways Freeport From Roots to Rock — conducting research to create a documentary about the musical history of Freeport — at Atkinson; The Tapestry of Diversity of Columbus Avenue — using technology to study students’ many cultures and countries of origin ­— at Columbus; Surface Temperature Field Campaign with GLOBE Program (sponsored by NASA) — studying sites to discover how ground cover and snow affect surface temperature — at the high school; STEM — after-school enrichment program to supplement STEM classroom lessons — at Dodd; Assessment-Based Instruction — data used to determine student understanding of lessons through formative assessment — at Dodd; Technology and Graphic Arts — creating and editing photos for the school yearbook — at Giblyn; STEM — after-school enrichment program to supplement STEM classroom lessons — at New Visions; and Google Cardboard for Virtual Reality — providing students with access to historical events, civilizations and locations through Google Cardboard viewer — districtwide.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about the FEF’s mission or would like to volunteer their time may contact Butch Yamali at 516-933-4444, ext. 202, or visit

FHS Heroes Teach Basics of Economics

FHS Heroes Teach Basics of Economics photo

Under the direction of FHS teacher and adviser Eileen Shultis, students in the High School Heroes Club visited New Visions to conduct age-appropriate financial and economics lessons to second-grade students. The high school students planned for the day by preparing materials designed to lead the second-graders through a variety of fun and educational interactive activities. The day, which the High School Heroes Club coordinates annually, gave students from both schools the opportunity to learn from each other and form a bond.

FHS Musicians Showcase Talents at Empire Plaza

FHS Musicians Showcase Talents at Empire Plaza photo
As part of the district's commemoration of Music in Our Schools Month throughout March, 21 musicians from the high school traveled to Albany and performed on the concourse of the Empire Plaza.

The three high-achieving student-conducted ensembles who attended — The Caprice Chamber Ensemble directed by Marcus Brodsky, Brass Bois Brass Ensemble directed by Myles Carter and Saxophone Quartet directed by Heaven Jenkins — earned the invitation to perform from the New York State School Music Association committee following nominations by their music teachers Jill Boardman and Michael LaSorsa. Each group received an official NYSSMA Plaque to commemorate their performance. Students also expanded their visit to Albany with a guided tour of the State Capitol building, where they visited the Senate and Assembly Chambers and learned about the history of New York State.

Dodd Hosts Author for Writing Workshop

Dodd Hosts Author for Writing Workshop photo
Dodd Hosts Author for Writing Workshop photo 2
Author Jennifer Wolf Kam visited Dodd to conduct a writer’s workshop. She also discussed her first novel and winner of the National Association of Elementary School Principals National Children’s Book of the Year Award, “Devin Rhodes is Dead,” with eighth-grade students. Wolf Kam presented tips for effective writing, led the students through a series of writing exercises, and answered questions about her novel and experiences as an author.

The visit was designed to supplement students’ classroom lessons in creative writing and give them the opportunity to personally interact with the author of one of the works they read during the school year.

Bayview Hosts K-2 Sports Night

Bayview Hosts K-2 Sports Night photo
Students in grades K-2 at Bayview were joined by their families in a variety of physical education activities as part of K-2 Sports Night. The PTA provided headbands and snacks for the annual event, which was led by the school’s physical education teachers and was designed to continue teaching students about the importance of teamwork and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Atkinson’s ‘Odyssey’ Prowess

Atkinson’s ‘Odyssey’ Prowess photo
Atkinson’s ‘Odyssey’ Prowess photo 2
Students at Atkinson participated in the Odyssey of the Mind regional competition, and placed second and third in their division. Working in three teams, the competition tasked the students with completing a variety of activities using their creativity, including writing an original script, creating scenery and fabricating their own costumes. They also demonstrated their understanding of classic literature such as “Alice in Wonderland” and “Charlotte’s Web.”

The district congratulates the students on their teamwork and impressive display in the competition.

Dodd Inducts 111 to NJHS

Dodd Inducts 111 to NJHS photo
Dodd Inducts 111 to NJHS photo 2
Dodd inducted 111 eighth-grade students into the prestigious National junior Honor Society during a special ceremony attended by members of the Freeport Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham and members of the central administration, students’ families and teachers.

These students were inducted following their remarkable demonstration of the five tenets of scholarship, citizenship, leadership, character and service. They were also required to have held a grade-point-average of 85 or better for all four quarters of seventh grade and the first quarter of eighth grade, completed an application, obtained a letter of recommendation from a teacher and performed 10 hours of community service.

The district extends its congratulations to these students for their outstanding accomplishments, and wishes them continued success as they prepare to transition to the high school.

Celebrating Local Art

To celebrate Youth Art Month, students from grades K-6 will have their artwork on display at the Freeport Memorial Library for the entire month of March. Students from Atkinson smiled in front of their beautiful works of art created using various elements and principles of art and design! The reception was a huge success, and students posed for pictures as well as received certificates of congratulations.

Student-Artists Showcase Amazing Work

Student-Artists Showcase Amazing Work photo
Student-Artists Showcase Amazing Work photo 2
Student-Artists Showcase Amazing Work photo 3
As part of an annual tradition that commemorates March’s designation as National Youth Art Month, the district hosted its Elementary Art Exhibit Opening Ceremony and Reception at the Freeport Memorial Library.

Students from six schools — Atkinson, Archer, Bayview , Giblyn, New Visions and Columbus — and their families, art teachers, principals and district Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Dr. Mary Anne DeVivio attended the ceremony. The exhibit, running from March 2-30, features a wide variety of beautiful artwork that the Freeport community is encouraged to observe.

The district extends its gratitude to Freeport Memorial Library Director Kenneth Bellafiore and staff for their continued support of the art department.

Dodd’s Science Olympiad Team Showcases its Skills

Dodd’s Science Olympiad Team Showcases its Skills photo
Under the guidance of advisers Vanessa Vidalon and William Behrens, the Dodd Science Olympiad Team recently attended the Science Olympiad Regional Competition for the fifth consecutive year. The team won six medals and two honorable mentions against 40 teams in Nassau County.

The district congratulates the team on its remarkable success and the following accolades earned:

Herpetology - Second Place Medal
Microbe Mission – First Place Medal Team A
Microbe Mission - Second Place Medal Team B
Roller Coaster – Sixth Place Medal Team A
Roller Coaster - Seventh Place Medal Team B
Parasitology – Ninth Place Medal
Honorable Mention - Hovercraft - 11th Place
Honorable Mention - Duct Tape Challenge - 11th Place

Remembering Dr. Seuss

Remembering Dr. Seuss photo
Remembering Dr. Seuss photo 2
Remembering Dr. Seuss photo 3
Remembering Dr. Seuss photo 4
Students throughout the district participated in a variety of fun and educational activities as part of their celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, also known as Read Across America Day.

At Giblyn, the day’s festivities included a special visit from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, who read students “There’s No Place Like Space,” by Tish Rabe and Dr. Seuss. New Visions hosted Pajama Day with a Dr. Seuss-themed cake while Archer administrators and faculty visited classrooms and read aloud books to students. The activities reinforced the importance of reading while celebrating the life of one of the most influential children’s authors in history.

Desserts for Dodd’s Mentors and Mentees

Desserts for Dodd’s Mentors and Mentees photo
Desserts for Dodd’s Mentors and Mentees photo 2
Desserts for Dodd’s Mentors and Mentees photo 3
Students and staff in the mentoring program at Dodd participated in a “Make Your Own Sundae” ice cream social event with a representative of the Mentor New York group. The event was funded by a $250 prize following school social worker and program coordinator Felice Niland’s participation in a contest hosted by Mentor New York.

Dodd’s mentoring program is in its 10th year and serves to connect faculty members with students in a mentor-mentee relationship. The mentors annually offer their time and leadership to students, and assist them in transitioning into middle school and making the most of their Dodd experience. There are 53 mentors and 92 mentees participating in the program this year.

Giblyn’s Virtual Museum Honors Black History

Giblyn’s Virtual Museum Honors Black History photo
Giblyn’s Virtual Museum Honors Black History photo 2
Giblyn’s Virtual Museum Honors Black History photo 3
Students at Giblyn had the opportunity to participate in a virtual museum as part of the school’s celebration of February as Black History Month. Students worked in pairs in the computer lab to watch video clips and listen to soundbytes and narratives about iconic African Americans. The activity taught students not only about the remarkable contributions and sacrifices they have made, but also how to use modern day digital technology to access a world of educational information.

Black History Laser Tribute

On February 26, Atkinson students were rejuvenated after Presidents’ Week. They were welcomed back with the Black History Laser Tribute assembly.  The program magically highlighted years of breaking barriers and celebrated the advancement of music, sports, academia, political figures, and powerful influences of African Americans.  It inspired all who watched and began our week with empowering entertainment and pride in our American culture.


Superintendent’s Message re: March 14


Superintendent's Message on Safety


Cheerleaders Earn Trip to States

Cheerleaders Earn Trip to States photo
For the first time in the program’s history, the high school varsity cheerleading team has earned the opportunity to compete for the New York State Public High School Athletic Association Cheerleading Championship following its remarkable Small Division I victory at the Nassau championships at Wantagh High School on Feb. 25.

The district extends its congratulations to the team and wishes it continued success at the state level, which will be held on March 3 in Syracuse.

Link to Newsday's story:

Robotics Rocks!

Robotics Rocks photo
Congratulations to our Robotics Team who placed 14 out of 28.  The students did great, and were the only 6th grade team.
We won the judges’ award as well!

Judges Award 

The Judges Award is presented to a team that the Judges determine is deserving of special recognition. 
Judges consider a number of possible criteria for this award, such as team displays of special attributes, exemplary effort and perseverance at the event, or team accomplishments or endeavors throughout the season that may not fit under existing awards, but are nonetheless deserving of special recognition.  Congratulations again to Mr. Yatsyla and his team: 
Ivan  Quiroz Pagoada, Alisson Caceres Rios, Nia  Gerdes, Axel Arellano Ventura, Tatiana Arieta, Marvin  Williams, Ayomide Ewumi,  Isabelle  Edmond