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Freeport Welcomes Back Teachers Remotely


On Sept. 1, the Freeport School District Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, administrators, teachers and staff joined together for the annual Superintendent’s Conference Day held remotely due to the pandemic.

Dr. Kuncham began by acknowledging the work everyone had done during the end of the school year when schools were closed and the district needed to transition to remote learning for all students. “It has been a long journey since we closed our schools in March due to the pandemic,” said Dr. Kuncham. “Through it all we remained Freeport Strong. Thank you for the amazing work you did during this unprecedented time. As always, our resiliency and commitment to our students and families and to each other have moved us forward.”

Board of Education President Ernest J. Kight also welcomed everyone back to the new school year. “As our students return, we will socially, emotionally and educationally carry out our mission,” said Mr. Kight. “There is nothing we can’t overcome to support and educate our students. On behalf of the parents, students, staff, administration and Board of Education, I am pleased to welcome you back to the 2020-21 school year.”

With the new school year about to begin, Dr. Kuncham acknowledged that the 2020-21 school year will look different, but the district’s goals remain the same. “As we move into the new school year, our goals and purpose remain the same – equity, excellence and the best possible education for all our students. Our journey continues with optimism, devotion, hope and enthusiasm.”

Dr. Kuncham noted that the district continues to make significant gains in all areas including a new record for the highest graduation rate achieved by the Class of 2020. “We have accomplished a great deal and as our students return to school, we will continue to stay on course, because our reopening plan is strong,” said Dr. Kuncham. He went on to stress the importance of leading by example and how everyone can embrace the district’s theme Be The Change Transform in their personal lives and the lives of students. “Let this be an opportunity to push our limits, explore our potential and the potential of our students. We can bring transformation and change to ourselves and inspire our students and others to do the same. In a time when racial injustice has exposed the deep rooted inequities in our society, let us empower our students with the tools to bring change and become transformation leaders. Let us enable our students to understand the world around them, and the talents within them so they can become fulfilled individuals and compassionate global citizens.”