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Ladies of Dodd become members of the National Association of Parliamentarians

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The Ladies of Dodd (LOD), an organization that promotes sisterhood, self-esteem and community service, are proud to announce they are now members of the National Association of Parliamentarians, via the Parliamentarians of Nassau Suffolk Counties.

LOD members took the membership exam, a test consisting of 40 rigorous questions on deliberative assemblies, motions, amendments, and governing bodies, and all passed to become among some of the youngest members in the nation, with two members - Lordia Bossman and Kelin Romero Hernandez - now the youngest Parliamentarians in District 1 of National Association of Parliamentarians which stretches from Nova Scotia, Canada to Delaware.

The Parliamentarians of Nassau Suffolk Counties sponsored LOD throughout the process of becoming members by purchasing study guides, working with members and their parents, paying for the exam fee and the annual dues of the members.

For the Ladies of Dodd, the benefits of becoming a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians teaches them fairness, how debate with integrity and teaches students that even the minority opinion has rights. Most important, parliamentary procedure teaches the language of local and civic organizations, board rooms, courtrooms, and our local, state and federal governments.

The Ladies of Dodd are already planning for their next certification to become Registered Parliamentarians. Congratulations to Lordia Bossman, Keila Ordonez, Kelin Romero Hernandez and Lourdes Saunders-Blake.

Photographed from L to R: Anthony Thompson Vice President National Association of Parliamentarians Nassau-Suffolk, Lourdes Saunders Blake, Vashti Burke, Ladies of Dodd Advisor; Keila Ordonez, Lordia Bossman, and Johane Ligonde, Prinicpal Dodd Middle School
Photo 2: Kelin Romero Hernandez with Ladies of Dodd Advisor, Vashti Burke.