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Students Give Thanks to BOE

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On behalf of students across thedistrict, dual-language students at Giblyn and members of the high school’s Student Government expressed their appreciation for the Board of Education in harmonic and heartwarming ways. Giblyn students danced and expressed their gratitude to the Board in song, underscoring the public education advocacy efforts of each of its five members: President Michael Pomerico, Vice President Anthony Miller, and trustees Ronald Ellerbe, Ernest J. Kight, Jr., and Vilma Lancaster.

The special recognition ceremony, which was held during the Board’s October meeting, began with each of the Student Government members in attendance addressing the board. Individually, the students spoke about the Board’s role in helping to provide them with an outstanding education and an unforgettable academic career in Freeport Schools. In small groups, the Giblyn students then performed a dance to celebrate and honor the Board, and they spoke to the audience about the impact each member has had. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham also thanked the board for its selfless devotion to Freeport schools.

“We thank you for your extraordinary services to our school district, to public education, and for being such amazing advocates for our children,” Dr. Kuncham said. “Serving on a local school board is not an easy task, particularly in today’s climate of rapid change and financial uncertainties, but the leadership of our Board has been critical. These are wonderful individuals who work tirelessly. They are the crucial link between the community and the classroom, and they are our superheroes.”

Employee groups, including the teachers, administrators, teaching assistants, and clericals, along with the PTA announced donations made in the name of the Board to various charitable organizations and the Freeport Educational Foundation as a token of appreciation for the Board’s service.

The ceremony served as a forum to celebrate the Board as a whole and each individual member and to recognize all of their hard work and dedication to Freeport schools and students.