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Standout Singers Represent District at All-State

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Eight high school chorus students represented the district at the annual New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Winter Conference in Rochester.
Under the leadership of Select Chorale Director Monique Retzlaff, standout singers Christopher Fludd, Joel Patterson, Kevin Jackson, Makayla Willocks, Victoria Wright, Tyler-Lenai Williams, Stefanie Workman, and Jasmine Euell performed remarkable renditions of songs to rousing ovations. An alternate chorus student, Christina Morris, attended the conference as part of the orchestra group. Freeport continues to have one of the highest representations of chorus students in New York at the All-State winter conference.
“These students continue to amaze me in countless ways,” said Retzlaff. “It’s not just their beautiful voices; it’s their tireless participation in practice sessions, their willingness to put in the work necessary on this stage, and their commitment to musical success.”