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FHS Students Astound at FPS

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The FHS Future Problem Solving teams, coached by Lauren Calvo and Angela Wheat, competed at the New York State Bowl at Molloy College and exhibited their remarkable skills and camaraderie. One senior team — comprised of Sarah Heins, Amanda Roque, Selena Muzac, Joanna Caravantes and Melissa Alvarez — earned first place for the Written Fuzzy Packet, and will represent New York State at the national championship in Michigan.  
One sophomore team — comprised of Myles Carter, Michelle Luongo, Jason Peralta, Jocelyn Jovel, Rose-Star Pierre-Paul and Robert Lewis — earned first place for the Action Plan skit. Another sophomore team — comprised of Peter Muzac, Maggie Robinson, Zoe Stetson, Susan Perez, Clara Petta-Gonzalez and Alexandra Dixon — placed third for the Written Fuzzy Packet, as well as the skit competition.  
The mission of Future Problem Solving is to teach students essential problem solving skills through a competitive instructional program so that they learn to collaborate with others in designing positive futures. The program is designed to help students learn how to think, not what to think, as well as enhance written and verbal communication skills and develop research techniques while learning about complex social and scientific issues.  Students learn how to think on their feet creatively, critically and analytically.
The club teaches students how to examine the world in constructive ways and provide strategies for facing the unknowable future.  It enables them to creatively forecast and explore potential alternative futures.  Teaching children how to think innovatively about the future increases the likelihood that successful adaption to the unknowable future will occur.