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High School Students Showcase Science Skills

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Students at the high school presented their remarkable research-driven science projects and experiments in the school’s 12th annual Science and Engineering Fair.

The exhibit featured students presenting their extensive research and conclusions under science research teacher Edward Irwin to a team of judges comprised of district faculty members, college professors, Village of Freeport officials and science-related industries. Research projects were presented in the areas of biochemistry, botany, medicine and health, microbiology, physics, space science and zoology. The projects were evaluated on a point system based on students’ research displayed, methods used, validity of conclusions and presentation of results.

The annual science exhibit served not only as a way for the students to showcase their impressive research skills to experts in the fields of science and instruction, but also as a sample of the stellar instruction and support offered at Freeport High School.

“The Science and Engineering Fair is very important for our students,” said Irwin. “Not only are they required to carry on original research, but presenting their results requires another skill they will need in the future.”