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Fun and Fundraising ‘For a Day’

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Under the leadership of adviser Robin Newberg, the Atkinson Student Government raised $700 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation through its “For a Day” raffle sale. “For a Day” offered students the opportunity to spend an entire day as their favorite administrator, secretary, custodian, security guard or faculty member in exchange for raffle tickets they bought.
Andy Rodriguez won the honor of being Principal Connie Velez and walked the halls with a walkie-talkie while fulfilling the important tasks on the agenda. Nia Thornton was Assistant Principal Michael Fee and spent the day keeping up with him as he answered calls and completed day-to-day tasks. Jackie Tetta was teacher on special assignment Jackie Winter and she joined Andy and Nia to form a well-rounded team who completed various assignments regarding curriculum. Daniel Bayer was Ernie Camps, head custodian, and worked on maintenance projects in the building. Angela Matos was security guard Yesenia Villaraga and worked with security staff to keep students and faculty safe. Carlos Escobar was the principal’s secretary, Patricia Mullen, and typed documents, filed papers and answered phone calls. Cedenia Henry was Irene Muniz in the Student Assistance Center and helped students reflect on their decisions and actions.
The staff members praised the students for their enthusiasm, respect and their willingness to learn about specific daily responsibilities of different jobs.