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Blast From the Past: HS Revisits 1991

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Twenty-five years ago, the science department at the high school collected a variety of materials that embodied school spirit and offered a glimpse of then-current events, and buried them in a time capsule in the school’s courtyard. The capsule, which was to be dug up and reopened in 2016, was unveiled at a special ceremony attended by administrators, faculty members and students prior to Memorial Day.
The time capsule featured various nostalgic items, including well-preserved newspapers from 1991; a blueprint of a 1991 floor plan for Freeport High School; letters from students to their “future selves” 25 years later; poems and literature; school clothing; banners and a letter from science teacher Joyce Thornton, who coordinated the time capsule.
In her typewritten letter to Freeport students, faculty and staff of 2016, dated June 19, 1991, Thornton wrote about the state of the district, state and world. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham read aloud the letter at the ceremony.
“This time capsule was created with the hope for the future of education in Freeport, New York,” Thornton wrote. “In 1991, Freeport schools celebrated 100 years as a district. Our intent was to collect items that would show how life is today, but 1990-91 has been a very eventful school year. This is my second year in Freeport, my first at the high school. The brightest memory I have of Freeport today is the racial harmony. 1991 has once again seen racial tension all about the New York area, but this has not entered Freeport. We walk peacefully through very diverse hallways; this is something I hope continues for the future. We have great expectations for the future, and we hope you have made us proud!”
Thornton also discussed the ongoing Persian Gulf war, the recession across the United States and the education system of New York being hit with budget cuts.
The unveiling of the time capsule buried in 1991 served as a reminder of how life was 25 years ago at the high school, and how the district has annually made remarkable strides to build upon its strong foundation.