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Columbus Analyzes Musical Emotion

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Students at Columbus presented projects about the emotions created by music at the district Board of Education’s May meeting.

The project, a grant titled “How Does Music Make Us Feel” and funded by the Freeport Educational Foundation, combined music software, art software and Chromebooks for students to gauge the manner in which particular notes and melodies evoke different emotions. Students demonstrated their work for administrators, board members, staff members and community residents by first relating the emotion created by a music clip to particular instances in their lives when they felt that way, and then speaking about how aspects of their artwork indicated similar emotions. Principal Cleopatra Panagiosoulis led the students through the presentations of their projects by facilitating conversations and asking questions.

The “How Does Music Make Us Feel” projects served as incredible examples of the types of grants made possible through the Freeport Educational Foundation. It also allowed students to showcase the multifaceted lessons they are learning at Columbus.