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Giblyn Fundraises for the ‘ride’

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As part of an annual tradition, students and staff at Giblyn helped to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and offered their support for patients by welcoming the ALS Ride for Life group to their school.

Giblyn, is in its fourth year participating in the fundraiser, presented a check for $2,100 to Ride for Life and founder Chris Pendergast. Students performed encouraging songs and displayed signs and banners of encouragement for the riders, who recently completed a journey from Yankee Stadium to Washington, D.C. in commemoration of its first ride 20 years ago.

The check presentation was a follow-up to the group’s visit to Giblyn in the fall, which provided students with information and background about ALS and Ride for Life. Both events are designed to supplement the school’s ongoing character education, and teach students about the importance of perseverance, compassion and hope.