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Board of Education Honored as Superheroes

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In honor of their leadership, dedication and commitment to the students and Freeport community, the Board of Education was celebrated at its October meeting at Atkinson.

“Our board has been making great decisions in securing the future of our students,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham said. “President Michael Pomerico, Vice President Anthony Miller and trustees Ronald Ellerbe, Vilma Lancaster and Ernest Kight, on behalf of Freeport Schools, the community, students, the cabinet and myself, you are superheroes and champions of our students and our community. We salute you for your hard work, sacrifices that you make and your tireless advocacy for our students and education. Your commitment to service and public education affects the present and the future of our students and our community. We are very proud of our district, we are very proud of you and we celebrate your work.”

Students from Atkinson gave a spectacular presentation that served to commemorate Board Recognition Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. Students role-played famous Hispanic-Americans and explained why they would make exceptional members of the Freeport board before coming together to serenade them with their peers who were dressed as superheroes.

Representatives from several organizations, including Freeport Teachers Association, Freeport School Administrators Association, Freeport Teacher Aide and Assistant Association, Freeport Educational Office Staff Association, Freeport Custodial Unit and the Food Service/Security Unit also expressed their appreciation to the board by informing them that donations had been made in their honor to worthy organizations, including the Freeport Educational Foundation.

“We are the ones who should be thanking you,” Pomerico said. “Serving as your board gives each one of us tremendous satisfaction and seeing your children grow from Columbus all the way to the high school fills our hearts with joy. We owe it to you for allowing us to do everything in our power to create a future as bright as can be for them and for this amazing district.”