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FHS Inducts 108 to National Honor Society

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One-hundred and eight academically outstanding students at the high school were inducted to the prestigious National Honor Society in a special candlelighting ceremony on Nov. 14.

The new inductees, sitting among current members of the NHS, were sworn into the esteemed organization that recognizes the four tenets of scholarship, service, leadership and character. Adviser Eileen Shultis, who led the program, announced the six NHS officers: President Jaidiver Morales, Vice President Kevin Brown, Secretary Maya Brown, Treasurer Ashley Hernandez, Student Liaison Heaven Jenkins and Director of Community Service Kayla Sewer.

“Tonight, you join the ranks of our Freeport superheroes,” said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. MaryAnne DeVivio to the inductees. “Superheroes are scholars: they solve complicated problems and make the world a safer, better place through their wisdom, quick wit and decisiveness. Superheroes are leaders who inspire others by their own actions to work and live together in harmony. All superheroes work to serve others. It is the job of every superhero to save the day. Superheroes are not just characters – they have character. They have virtues that make them stand apart including honesty, loyalty, grit, kindness and empathy. Finally, superheroes do not rest on their laurels. As a Freeport National Honor Society student, your work is not done. I urge you to challenge yourselves to do more, be more and give more than you already have. Your initiative will lead you to excel in school, work and life.”

Individually, the officers spoke about what each pillar represents and student class representatives lit candles to symbolize how the new inductees demonstrated these characteristics. The names of the students who earned induction to the NHS were announced, and each received a medal from Principal Joe Mille prior to taking the Honor Society Oath.

As part of a longstanding FHS tradition, the 108 new inductees were encouraged to proudly wear their medals to school the following day.