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Marching Band Receives Instrument Donations

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The district’s music department received a generous donation from the nonprofit organization Toys for Freeport Tots, which presented more than $3,000 in musical instruments to the FHS marching band.

Organization volunteers and its president, Freeport Police Detective Patrick Franzone, visited the high school to personally deliver the instruments, which consisted of two flutes, two clarinets, two soprano saxophones and two tenor saxophones.

Mr. Franzone, an alumnus of FHS, has family members currently enrolled in the district. He has attended many Freeport football games and has always been a great supporter of the Red Devils marching band.

“I want to thank you for always supporting your football team,” Mr. Franzone said to the members of the marching band. “You do a really good job out there and you sound really good. Now, you can sound even better, look even better and maybe add some more people in the band.”

This is the second time the organization has donated to the district’s music department, providing more than $3,000 worth of musical instruments to Atkinson school last year. To show their appreciation, the high school marching band performed “Afterlife” for the volunteers, under the direction of Michael LaSorsa.

Superintendent of School’s Dr. Kishore Kuncham thanked Mr. Franzone and the organization for their continued support and their efforts in donating to the district for a second time.