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Student Doctors Take Over Archer

Student Doctors Take Over Archer  thumbnail118736

Archer school kindergartners dressed up as doctors as they participated in a teddy bear clinic.

Sponsored by the Trauma Center at NYU Winthrop Hospital, the clinic is a free injury prevention program for children that covers safety topics on car and helmet safety. In addition, each student brought a teddy bear for the hands-on portion of the activity. They dressed up as doctors wearing gloves, a smock and bouffant caps and then tended to their stuffed animals’ by taping up their “injuries.” 

Throughout the program, students were encouraged to answer four important questions on safety: “Whose job is it to keep our bodies safe?” “What’s the first thing we do when we get in the car? “Where’s the safest place for kids to sit in the car?” and “How do we protect our brains?” They eagerly answered each question and enjoyed the clinic.