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Adult Community Education


Adult Education Office at Columbus Ave School
150 N. Columbus Ave
Freeport, NY 11520
Phone: 516-867-5314
Fax: 596-867-8936

Hours: 9a-3p Monday-Friday, when school is in session

**Adult Education Announcement**


Interested in Instructing a Class?


We are always looking for opportunities to enhance our Adult Education Program. We would appreciate an innovative course title and brief description of a class you would like us to offer.


Please complete and return the: Instructor Class Form


Session classes include:


Adult Enrichment

Our enrichment program provides members of our community with a variety of opportunities to engage in lifelong learning. Offering courses to increase skills pursue passions and try new things in a friendly, no pressure environment. Whether you want to learn how to draw or paint, learn Mahjong or try your hand at sewing and quilting, we have a class that is right for you!


First Aid & CPR

Save a life by getting CPR, AED and First Aid certification! Whether it's a Pediatric or Adult Heartsaver certification you are looking for, we have the classes to meet your needs.




Whether you are driving on land or at sea, be safe and lower your insurance rates!

After successful completion the certificate issued in: Defensive Driving, lowers your insurance rate by 10% for 3 years and/or reduce up to 4 points on your license; Boating Safety, is a requirement to operate personal watercraft and is honored by insurance companies for a 10-15% discount.


Fitness and Recreation

No matter your fitness level or fitness goals, we have something for everyone! Choose from a variety of fitness, wellness and recreation class offerings including: Fitness for Arthritis and Fall Prevention, Pickleball, Yoga and Zumba.



Follow directions on form and mail completed registration form (provided on this site) with Check payment


Registrations will be processed in the order in which they are received. Many classes have capacity limits and minimum requirements, so register early to avoid the disappointment of closed or canceled classes.


Payment Preferred by Mail: Cash, Check, or Money Order

Payment Also Accepted: in person, telephone and fax

Make checks payable to: Freeport Board of Education


Eligibility - Freeport Resident and Non-Resident adults over the age of 18 are welcome to enroll in classes.

Freeport Residents who are 62+ of age are eligible for discount in classes that has at least 5 classes in the session.

Non-Residents there is an additional $5.00 charge for registration.


Helpful Information:



Refunds are issued as follows: There are no refunds or credits after a class begins.

If there is insufficient registration for a course, you will be notified by telephone or mail of course cancellation and your check will be returned. Non-attendance will NOT be an exception to this policy. No refunds are given unless a request is made to Freeport Adult Community Education seven days before a class begins.



Only those who registered and paid for the class may attend. Friends, family, spouses and children are not permitted in class.



Participation in Adult Education Program activities is at your own risk. If you are enrolling in physical fitness, sports or other physically active courses, check with your physician beforehand to make certain that these courses are appropriate. The Freeport Public School District relies on each registrant to seek medical advice as to his/her capacity to participate and will not be responsible for injuries, damages or losses.



A make-up class is only offered when a session is cancelled because of teacher illness, inclement weather or other unavoidable circumstances. The make-up class will be scheduled the week after the last regular session of the course..



Cancellation of courses that do not reach minimum enrollment takes place one week before starting date.

Registrants are notified by mail when a course is cancelled and their check is returned or credit card is not charged. Because our instructional program is self-sustaining, revenue from course fees must cover all costs. If revenue is inadequate because registration is below minimum, the Adult Education Program can cancel a course or reduce the number of sessions to enable the course to run.



Announcements of closings will be made on these stations: Cablevision News 12, NEWS12.COM and our website,