Welcome to New Visions School of Discovery and Exploration

80 Raynor St.
Freeport, NY 11520-4527
Tel: (516) 867-5390
Grades K to 4)

Renee Crump-Dedmon
Assistant Principal
Constance Malcolm-Grant

Health Office


New Visions Magnet School

Freeport's first Magnet School, New Visions, provides opportunities for students to explore their world firsthand.  Children create their Museum School as they investigate the world through documents, objects, plants and animals, and convey what they learn in a variety of ways, much as a museum exhibit includes a combination of written descriptions, visual images and scale models.  "Discovery Days" and revolving exhibits enhance the basic subjects while encouraging students to purse their multiple intelligences.

Museum-based backpacks are a thematic-rich, standards-based learning extension/adventure, where parents get involved and kids have fun.  Built on the museum theme developed as part of the school's uniqueness, the backpacks provide a reinforcement and extension of concepts taught.  Children learn to interact with activities in the backpack, and actively engage parents or siblings to join them in their adventure.  The backpacks increase a wide body of experiences for the child, as well as parents and strengthen parent support in schools. 

This project allows parents the opportunity to learn about museums with their child, without leaving their homes.  The backpacks help establish a partnership of learning between parents and schools. 

The backpacks additionally can be placed in the Freeport Public Library to provide a worthwhile resource on museum education for families.  To further strengthen the home-school-community connection, projects which have been created by the children will be displayed in public buildings (e.g. post office, town hall, library).  Picture books, audio cassettes, paintings, and appreciation for the arts are just a backpack away.  The museum attracts the community and offers its residents a place to visit and tour the artifacts and objects as well.  Children have been trained as tour guides and docents, and welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge base with families and friends.  Backpacks are the additional resource that brings the museum program to life. 

This project was developed to continue learning outside the classroom, while at the same time enhance the school's theme by reaching out to the community.  Museum education is an integral part of the New Visions Magnet School, and with parent support and involvement, we can further a deeper understanding of scientific, artistic, and historical learning environments for all.