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Art Department Course Offerings



This class will explore applied two-dimensional crafts while introducing students to historical, cultural and contemporary craft movements. Students will gain an understanding of the elements and principles of a well-designed work of art, while gaining practice and skill in three -dimensional technique and materials. This course is designed to meet the NYS Learning Standards.

Students will learn the fundamentals of graphic design and hone in on critical thinking while exploring the elements and principles of art and mastering various skills and techniques of desktop publishing. Students will explore Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS5 in combination with other software to manipulate digital photographs, create logos, edit digital video, design print advertisements and much more. By the end of the course, students will have created an online digital portfolio of their artwork.  This course is designed to meet NYS Learning Standards.

This is a basic foundation course that focuses on the elements and principles of design, aesthetic awareness, problem solving and developing observation and technical skills in drawing, painting and printmaking. The course offers the study of basic design necessary for any further experience in art, with a major emphasis on observational drawing and painting, research and reflective analysis of works created, the study of works created by master artists of various cultures. This course is designed to meet the NYS Learning Standards.

Drawing and Painting skills from direct observation of the figure, still-life, and landscape will be emphasized along with further understanding of design principles, color theory, critical thinking and problem solving. These concepts will be introduced and illustrated throughout the course through the exposure and analysis of movements associated in art history. A variety of drawing and painting techniques will be explored through the use of pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, collage, watercolor, oil paint and mixed media. Weekly sketchbook assignments will be given and students will create a body of work for a portfolio that meets NYS Learning Standards.

Students will expand skills acquired in Drawing and Painting with a strong emphasis on observational skills. Students will explore new mediums and techniques while focusing on compositional elements of design and strengthening problem solving skills. Opportunities will be given to students for experimentation of specific mediums as well as subject matter more in depth as development of personal style evolves throughout the course. Contemporary trends in Art will be integrated within the course to enrich student knowledge and awareness. Sketchbook assignments are part of the grade. This class is HIGHLY recommended for students who are planning to attend college to major or minor in art. Portfolio development will be emphasized. Students will create a portfolio that meets NYS Learning Standards.

Portfolio Preparation is designed for students who want to continue their artistic efforts at a more advanced level and/or intend to further their education at an art school, college, or university. Students work in all areas of art with particular emphasis on drawing, painting, and two-dimensional design. Art history and various strategies for examining, discussing, and writing about their artwork and the artwork of others are also highlighted. Through a variety of projects students are encouraged to look at and respond to themselves in terms of the aesthetic world around them. They will be given many opportunities to explore varied media, art styles, and subjects To be successful in Portfolio Preparation., students are required to complete homework on a weekly basis and keep a thorough personal sketchbook. Students must also prepare a portfolio of their best work. This course is designed to meet NYS Learning Standards.

Fashion sketching is one of the first skills that a fashion design student must master. This introductory fashion class provides instruction in rendering fashion figures and garments through a variety of media and techniques. Emphasis is on drawing and painting outfits on the human body, while maintaining accurate representation, proportion, tone and depth. Students will explore trends and fads from the past to the contemporary fashion world. In addition, students will have the opportunity to create handmade jewelry and experiment with designing on the manikin. This course is designed to meet NYS Learning Standards.

In Advanced Fashion Class, students gain more experience drawing and designing clothing for the figure. Students learn how to capture fashion figure poses on paper and gain a better understanding of proportion and illustrative techniques through renderings. As budding fashion designers develop their own personal style using influences and inspirations as well as a variety of new techniques, the focus is shifted to movement, flair and attitude in the drawing. The course focuses on projects that are based on the illustration of different types of fabrics, bridal couture, inspirational drawings based on nature, artists, and various themes. This course is designed to meet the NYS Learning Standards.

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