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Staff Directory

Columbus Avenue


Faculty and Staff
* UPK (St. Joseph's)

* UPK Co-Teachers

(DL Sp.)

(DL Eng.)
(General Education)

(DL Sp.)

(Special Education)

(Special Education)
(Elementary Bilingual Kindergarten)

(DL Eng.)

(Special Ed Teacher)

*Special Teachers
(Bilingual Speech & CPSE Chairperson)
(PreK Psychologist)

(Library/ Rti)
(Social Worker)

(K Psychologist)


(Special Music Teacher (Split Position))
(Art Teacher)

(Bilingual Speech)
(Speech split assign.)

(Reading Teacher)
(Physical Education Teacher)

Cafeteria Staff

Custodial Staff
(Head Custodian)

Office Staff


Permanent Substitutes

School Nurse


Teacher Aides

Teaching Assistants

(Primary Project)