Freeport High School students meet mentors through Northwell Community Scholars Program
Posted on 10/04/2023

Freeport High School 10 th and 11th grade students participating in The Northwell Community Scholars program met their mentors during an evening gathering at Freeport High School. The mentors and mentees at this year’s kickoff meeting enjoyed having dinner together and getting better acquainted while they discussed the details of the program and what each of the students would like to accomplish by being part of the program.

Throughout the program, which will see the students through to graduation, they will be mentored and learn about employment opportunities available at a health system, including clinical careers, healthcare administration, information technology, operational support and care coordination. In addition, as participants in the program the students will be provided with services to support continued growth and development, that may include but not be limited to mentorship, college preparation, career advisement, and internship and shadowing opportunities.  

Tenth grader Tamia Wooden who is new this year to the Northwell Community Scholars Program said, “My goal is to set a plan, get into a good college and eventually become a nurse practitioner.” She is looking forward to making the most of all the activities that the Northwell program will host.
Freeport High School junior Chase Holt has been part of the program since last year and is looking forward to the activities and opportunities of involvement in the year ahead. Chase shared, “Last year, I really enjoyed learning about the different aspects of finance specifically the importance of saving and investing.”  
The Freeport students participating in the Northwell Community Scholars program were selected by a committee comprised of representatives from the high school, community colleges and the Long Island Community Foundation.