Freeport High School students plan for their futures
Posted on 10/26/2023
Freeport High School students plan for their futures
On Oct. 24, Freeport High School students and their families filled the gymnasium eager to gather information about the college application process, financial aid opportunities, and NCAA scholarships and criteria during the high school’s annual College and Career Fair.
Representatives from more than 70 colleges, universities, continuing education organizations and the military were stationed in the gymnasium to meet students and share information about their various programs and opportunities for the students to achieve their career goals. As students arrived, they received a shoulder bag to easily store the information they collected during their time at the fair.

“Our annual College and Career Fair continues to grow and it is a wonderful experience for our students and families to personally meet with the various representatives and learn what they need to know to successfully complete the college application process so they can attend the college of their choice or pursue a career in the military,” said Director of Guidance Emma Perdoma. “It’s wonderful to see so many students and their families coming to this annual event.”

In addition to meeting with the various representatives, the students and their families attended several workshops on the College Application Process, Financial Aid Criteria and Application Process and the Criteria for NCAA Scholarships.