Freeport High School’s College and Career Center - Empowering students with resources and guidance for future success
Posted on 05/03/2024
Freeport High School’s College and Career Center - Empowering students with resources and guidance for future success

Freshmen through senior students at Freeport High School have found a place to prepare themselves for their futures beyond high school – The Freeport High School College and Career Center.  

The center, located within the high school, serves as a focal point for students' post-secondary plans, providing invaluable resources, support and guidance for students considering college and those exploring alternative pathways. 

"The College and Career Center represents our commitment to ensuring that every student has the tools, resources and guidance they need to achieve their academic and career goals,” said Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Kishore Kuncham. “Beginning in elementary school our district has dedicated itself to empowering our students and providing them with the 21st-century skills needed to unlock their true potential. Providing comprehensive support whether entering college, the military or directly to the work force, the College and Career Center is a final destination on our students’ journey toward graduation.” 

The College and Career Center is a central resource hub for students navigating the intricacies of post-secondary education and career exploration. It offers a range of services to assist students in making informed decisions about their futures, including:

* Individualized Counseling: The center has a dedicated counselor to provide personalized guidance to students, helping them identify their strengths, interests and goals. Whether students are considering college, the military, trade school or entering the workforce directly, support is always available in the College and Career Center. 

* College Preparation: The center’s counselor assists students with college research, the application process, financial aid opportunities, support with essay writing and more. In addition, college representatives, including from Yale University, speak with students about campus life, course selections and answer questions.

* Career Exploration: Students have the resources available to them to explore various career pathways. Career assessments, job shadowing opportunities and other events are available on the Information Board. Students also have access to written resources including BOCES publications, Guide to Apprenticeships and the benefits of joining the Armed Forces.

* Employment Support: For students interested in entering the workforce directly after high school, the counselor offers the support needed to craft the perfect resume, prepare for job interviews by practicing elevator pitches on their skills and strengths, discussing proper attire for upcoming job interviews and how to put their best foot forward to future employers. 

“Our goal is to equip every student with the tools and resources they need to succeed beyond high school,” said Lauren Gates-McGee, the College and Career Center counselor. “While it plays a crucial role in providing our students with the support and guidance they need to achieve their academic and career goals, is it also a place for our students to reflect and focus on their mental health, as post-secondary planning can be stressful.” 

Offering different ways to promote college and career awareness and readiness, the College and Career Center also features a stress relief center and a “manifestation station” where students can write down or draw what their dreams and goals are and put them out into the universe.  

“If students are looking for a place to openly be themselves and work toward their future goals, the College and Career Center is the place to be,” said Gates-McGee. 

Students are also passionate about how the center has impacted their post-graduation planning. Seniors already in the process of deciding on colleges and career pathways and freshmen, who are just beginning to spend time in the center, are finding resources to enhance their high school experience. 

“Every day that I spend in the College and Career Center, I leave with more information and knowledge. We have counselors to help us find a solution to any problem or concern and who make sure to set time aside for us if we need assistance or have questions,” said senior Sarah Boco. 

Junior Lourdes Saunders-Blake said, “I like having a designated place to focus on the complicated and involved process of applying to colleges and the steps that lead up to that. It serves as a place to seek guidance regarding the future and what needs to be done now to get to where I want to be.”

The center represents a significant enhancement to the district’s commitment to their collective vision for student success, known as the “Portrait of a Freeport Graduate,” which outlines the skills all Freeport High School graduates should embody once their education in Freeport Public Schools is complete.  

As the center continues to serve students, the district looks forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on student outcomes and the Freeport community.