Celebrating Diversity and Culture at Leo F. Giblyn’s International Day
Posted on 05/17/2024
Celebrating Diversity and Culture at Leo F. Giblyn’s International Day
Leo F. Giblyn Elementary School hosted its highly anticipated International Day Luncheon on May 15. This well-establish event gathered students, staff, Board of Education members and administrators in the school’s gymnasium to share and celebrate different heritages and promote diversity, respect and understanding.  

This year’s International Day was based on the quote “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” Students expanded on the quote with speeches about diversity, being unique and shared insights into their own cultures and experiences that reflected how the quote impacts the world.  

“Each of us is special on our own, but together we are a force,” said Principal Amy Lederer. “Never be afraid to ask questions, to learn, to grow, to go to new places and to always be kind to those around you. This day truly exemplifies the magic of Giblyn.”  

Putting their talents on display, the fourth grade step team performed showcasing their choreographed routine, while the entire fourth grade class performed three songs representing China, France and Mexico. Sarah Ettlinger captivated the audience performing soft shoe and hard shoe Irish Step Dances.  

Before the students could partake in the delicious multicultural buffet, the Mary Johnson International Day Award was presented to school nurse Mrs. Agnes Burgess. Each year the award is presented to a member of the Giblyn staff who embodies the characteristics of Mary Johnson, a retired Giblyn teacher who went above and beyond in promoting, cultivating and celebrating diversity.    

In a special moment during the celebration, students presented an honorary Mary Johnson Award to Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Kishore Kuncham in recognition of his leadership, commitment and passion for promoting peace and diversity within the school district and the community during his 30 years of service to the Freeport School District.  

The Giblyn International Day Luncheon closed with the highlight for all in attendance; the international food feast where students sampled an array of dishes from various cuisines including China, India, the Dominican Republic, Greece, U.S.A., Poland, Italy and more.