Suzanne Chaves, Director of Second Languages

[email protected]

Freeport High School

50 S. Brookside Avenue

Freeport, New York 10522

(516) 867-5252


ENL, Bilingual Education & World Languages

Department Overview
Language programming in Freeport reflects our core belief in the value of supporting our diverse students to become fully biliterate and bicultural citizens.  Our goal is to ensure that all multilingual learners attain the highest level of academic success and language proficiency.  We offer Dual Language programs in grades K- 6 for native speakers of English and Spanish.  The K-12 Transitional Bilingual Program provides native speakers of Spanish with access to academic content in Spanish and English while developing literacy in both languages.  Our team of K-12 ENL Teachers across the district provides targeted support to over 1,500 English Language Learners.  At the secondary level, our World Language students develop competency in Spanish or French through an interactive cross-curricular learning model that promotes multicultural understanding and appreciation.  Graduating seniors annually receive the nationally-recognized New York State Seal of Biliteracy (including 4 students with  2 World Languages and English, and 1 student who earned the Seal in 3 World Languages and English).