Cultural diversity shines for Giblyn’s International Day
Posted on 05/16/2023
Cultural diversity shines for Giblyn’s International Day

The cafeteria of the Leo F. Giblyn Elementary School was full of colorful artwork on display for the fourth grade student’s annual International Day celebration. As the students gathered to share and celebrate their different heritages and cultures, they based their International Day on the quote, “Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.” 

Students expanded on the quote with speeches about diversity, being unique and shared insights about their own cultures others may not have known. 

“The most important thing in this life is to celebrate each other for our uniqueness and learn from each other about our differences,” said Leo F. Giblyn Principal Amy Lederer.  “One way to be transcendent is to ask questions, to learn, to seek information, to grow, to travel to new places and to always be kind. Our International Day celebration is a wonderful way to celebrate our diversity.”

To add to the festivities, the Giblyn orchestra performed the song, “Music of the World,” arranged by teacher Catherine Beck and the Giblyn Hot Steppers step team performed. The entire fourth grade performed two pieces “Holidays” and “A Song of Friendship in 5 languages” which included American Sign Language, English, French, Hebrew and Spanish. 

Before the students could partake in the delicious multicultural buffet of foods donated by local restaurants, staff and family members, the students announced the winner of the Mary Johnson International Day Award to teaching assistant Nicole Finch. Each year this award is presented to a member of the Giblyn staff who embodies the characteristics of Mary Johnson, a retired Giblyn teacher who went above and beyond in promoting, cultivating, and celebrating diversity.