Gibly fourth graders Adopt-a-Cop
Posted on 11/16/2023
Gibly fourth graders Adopt-a-Cop

Fourth graders at Leo F. Giblyn Elementary School welcomed Freeport Village police officers to the school for a special assembly in which they officially adopted officers as part of the school’s annual Adopt-a-Cop program.

Giblyn Principal Amy Lederer welcomed the officers and noted with pride during introductions that two of the officers are Giblyn alumni. “We're looking forward to building positive relationships with our outstanding officers who will help us learn about keeping a positive attitude, being responsible and respecting ourselves and our community,” said Ms. Lederer. “With your guidance and support, our children have greater understanding about responsibility and citizenship. We thank you for making a positive difference in their lives.”

After the officers were introduced, the fourth grade students performed “Finding a Way to Peace,” a song written by students in the Freeport Summer Arts Academy, as a tribute to their new mentors. Then, two students from each classroom announced who their adopted cop for the school year would be, highlighted the activities they are looking forward to and thanked the officers for all they do in the community. 

The program concluded with the students singing “Do the Good You Know” before returning to their classrooms with their adopted cops to get better acquainted, and to discuss the importance of police officers and their role in keeping the community safe.  

Throughout the school year, the officers will act as mentors visiting the classes, writing letters to the students in their assigned classes and hosting virtual meetings to help build a lasting relationship with the Freeport Village Police Department.