New Visions School celebrates 20 year anniversary
Posted on 05/16/2023
New Visions School celebrates 20 year anniversary

New Visions School for Exploration and Discovery was beautifully decorated with balloons, photo collages and posters to proudly celebrate the 20th anniversary of the school’s opening. 

As administrators, Board of Education members, staff, students and their families filed into the auditorium they reminisced about the history of the building and past educators. 
The ceremony opened with Principal Jessica Romero welcoming everyone and thanking them for their continued support of the school district. “Being the principal of New Visions School is truly an honor and privilege,” said Jessica Romero. “I began at New Visions five years ago and working in this stunning building, with such an excellent group of educators and students is inspiring.”

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Kishore Kuncham spoke to the significance of this anniversary celebration, “This is a very important milestone. It took so much for this building to happen. In 2003, when the building opened, it had been nearly 30 years since a new public school was built in Nassau County,” said Dr. Kuncham. “There is so much history in this building and the efforts those in our community and school groups put in to help bring it to life is truly astounding. Thank you for being here to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of New Visions, we are so happy to have our students grow and learn here.” 

New Visions School librarian Mrs. Mimi Dowd spoke to those in attendance and displayed a slideshow of historic photographs, newspaper articles and messages from past New Visions staff. Teacher Dr. Marie Codispoti wrote and read an original poem titled “Masterpiece.” The poem was an expression of Dr. Codispoti’s memories of moving into the New Visions School from the Holy Redeemer Church school building which was leased by Freeport Schools prior to the opening of the elementary school.

Closing the 20th anniversary ceremony, music teacher Ms. Crystal Leotaud-Ramos and New Visions students performed the school song titled “The New Visions School Song”, which was written in 2003. 

The anniversary ceremony celebrated the history of New Visions School, its successes and vision including all the wonderful educational opportunities the New Visions School for Exploration and Discovery will bring to the students of Freeport.