Mary LaMotta

Director of English Language Arts

Freeport Public Schools




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Department Overview

Freeport’s English Language Arts Curriculum is a comprehensive learning experience filled with enriching opportunities in all areas of literacy. The district takes pride in establishing rigor through thoughtful analysis of texts, while also responsively meeting students where they are and moving them forward along the continuum of literacy skills. The curriculum is paced with Next Generation Learning Standards  in mind to create an integrated learning experience for students. 

The elementary and intermediate schools utilize Fundations phonics instruction, Fountas and Pinnell Classroom for reading instruction, and Columbia Teachers College Writing Units of Study. These platforms incorporate standards-based curriculum with whole group, small group and individual student components. Writing instruction prepares students to be lifelong writers, communicators and agents of change. Grades 7-12 focus on literary analysis and key priority standards such as character development, central idea, theme, point of view and perspective, text structure, and author’s craft. Curriculum resources include Into Literature, novel studies, and College Board AP courses along with electives in Creative Writing, Journalism, and Theater Arts.   The district provides intervention services based on student needs and target deficits.

The goal of the English Language Arts curriculum is to promote the joy of reading, while developing strong skills with regards to comprehension, vocabulary and decoding accurately.  Freeport’s literacy curriculum aims to increase each student’s ability to think, talk and write about texts that fully engage their interest. The district utilizes texts that reflect a global perspective with a diversity of characters, settings, topics and genres. The Freeport School district is dedicated to providing access to texts students can read and enjoy at a variety of levels. 

Above any curriculum material, the district believes that quality instruction is at the heart of education. Freeport is dedicated to providing ongoing professional development for teachers so that the district is at the forefront of best educational practices.  Our #freeportreads initiative has been growing through the years to build a culture of literacy in the larger community. The district strives to get books into the hands of families, build conversations around texts and share a passion for reading through beloved authors and titles, because here in Freeport, “Together is Better.”