Welcome to Columbus Avenue

150 N. Columbus Avenue
Freeport, NY 11520
Tel: 516-867-5240
(Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten)

Pre-K AM Session 8 AM - 10:30 AM
Pre-K PM Session 12 PM - 2:30 PM
Full day Pre-K and Kindergarten 8 AM - 2:30 PM

Alma Rocha

AUGUST 23, 2023 • 12 PM

Early Childhood Education Center

The Early Childhood Center is a very special school. The youngest learners in the District are here at Columbus. We have over 250 Universal Pre-K and over 200 Kindergarten students. Our motto is "It All Starts Here". Through 'hands-on' experiences, the children learn about letters, sounds, numbers, and so much more. Coming to school is a joyful experience where the children begin their journeys to becoming 'life-long learners'. For most, the journey begins with the morning bus ride. Children arrive each morning with big smiles and eager looks of anticipation. "What will today bring," is the unspoken question of the day. Our goal is to help the youngest Freeport School District students begin their educational careers as confident people and excited about learning.


Our pre-k students attend five days a week for full day, or 2½ hours per day. During the half day sessions or full day sessions, the district's youngest students learn basic literacy, numeracy, science. Social studies skills are taught through direct instruction as well as through an integration of art, music, movement and play.


Our kindergarten children attend full days. The District's Dual Language program begins here at Columbus for some of our students. Through the Dual Language program, the children receive instruction in both English and Spanish. Just as importantly, they learn about the other's culture. Additionally, general education classes as well as classes for children with special needs are part of our kindergarten. We all learn from each other. While more "formal" than Pre-K, kindergarten children also learn through direct instruction as well as art, music, movement and play.