The English Department at Freeport High School provides an enriched and varied curriculum structured to meet the needs of its student population. The infusion of the Next Generation Learning Standards into English courses sharpens the focus on the close connection between comprehension of text and acquisition of knowledge so that our students are prepared for college and career readiness.

In English classrooms, students are taught to

-express themselves clearly and correctly 

-strengthen listening and speaking skills

-build effective writing skills

-understand formulation of arguments and critical reading and thinking skills


Core English Classes

-English 9

-English 10

-English 11 (Regents)

-English 12


Advanced Placement Opportunities

-English Honors

-AP English Language

-AP English Literature


Electives & Additional Support


-Creative Writing

-Theater Arts

-Reading Workshop

-Writing Workshop

-American Literature/Modern Fiction

The Importance of Extracurricular Activities

Literacy is woven into all aspects of your life and development. Get involved in areas of interest! 

Not only will you grow your college resume, but you will grow your skills and make lifelong friendships along the way.



Be part of the schools newspaper



FHS art & literacy magazine


Mock Trial

Argue & Debate!



Communication Club


Guest Speakers & Author Visits


Flashlight Reading


Exciting Learning Environments!


Immersive Literacy Experiences!


See You Soon!

- The English Department